Top 5 Footballers Who Grew From Poverty To Wealth


Poverty is the worst part of life one can experience. Moving from poverty to wealth is one of the greatest story one can ever hear or tell. Here are the top players who moved from the streets to greatness.

5 Victor Moses

This Nigerian football was forced to seek asylum in London when his parents were murdered in a devastating war in Nigeria. He lived in the streets playing barefoot football after which he was taken to a foster home in South London. Due to his talents he was made to join the Crystal Palace’s academy.

4 Juan Cuadrado.

The man from Columbia grew up in a gang and violence infested city of northern Columbia. A city where no day would pass without a death record. It was this city that he saw in his eyes his father shot dead. He grew up playing barefoot football in the streets before joining his local side Independiente Medellin team.3 Ronaldo.

The Brazilian superstar was born into a poverty clouded streets of Rio de Janeiro in September 1976. It was a heart breaking moment for him when he wasn’t able to raise enough money to attain a trial with Flamengo. In the turn of event, he joined Cruzeiro in 1993. From then he rose to fame by playing for the big boys like SC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan.2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The football legend has a strong past. He grew up in the Rosengard district of Malmo. His father was an alcoholic and when Zlatan was two his parents divorced. Ibrahimovic grew up to steal in order to feed himself. He once stole a bike to ride him to training. He showed commitment to developing himself in football. When he was 18 he saw himself as a professional football.

1 Alexis Sanchez

This is another player with a bleak past. He would say that his happiest moments was those early age he played football in his hometown of Tocopilla. According to him he was given the name dilla from ardilla, which means squirrel because of his quickness. He is a true definition of gr ass to grace.


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