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US-based Igbo
volleyball player, Tony Ngwube has made known his intention to spearhead the
development of volleyball in Igbo land.

The player who
formerly plied his trade in Anambra State made known his eagerness to nurture
world-class volleyball players who can stand against anybody at the world

According to
him, there is a great chemistry between him, coaches and players of the game
back home, adding that the dilapidated courts are being renovated in order to
make life bearable for up and coming players.

According to
him, “My goal is to develop volleyball in the South East region of Nigeria to
the point of bringing up it to the world class level.

“There are lots
of raw talents in the region – good coaches and players. I am trying to help to
make it a whole lot better. I also want to bring it up to World Class level.

“The synergy
between I, the coaches and players is high, you have to understand that I came
out of the South East, particularly from Anambra state, that was where I began
my career in volleyball. I will never forget home no matter what.

“I am in close
contact with all the volleyball stakeholders till date and some of the players
do not know me physical because they were very young when I was playing while
others were not born. I am helping to rebuild couple of volleyball courts that
are bad and make the court much better. The players are excited about the
vision but I told them that I need everyone on board to achieve my goal.

“It is not about
money but team work. We cannot make it without everyone sacrificing, working
hard/together and honestly by God’s grace we are going to make it.

“As far as
hosting volleyball tournament is concerned, the COVID-19 has placed a lot of
restrictions in Nigeria. After the lifting of the ban on sports, I will kick
off volleyball programs and help sponsor lots of tournaments in the South East.

“One thing about
sports is that it is not about how much money you put down but the organisation
of it. That is why I am coming down to Nigeria with all the experiences I have
in playing professional volleyball in Europe; the organisation is fantastic.”

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