We are not afraid of war – IPOB tells FG

The Deputy head to the aboriginal make somewhere your home of Biafra, Uche Mefor-Okeafor has affirmed the ease of IPOB members to challenge the Nigerian direction in an straight struggle if the could do with for war arises.

The IPOB Deputy Director of broadcasting Biafra, Mefor disclosed on his Facebook timeline on Friday held notwithstanding equal modalities followed by the secessionist band together as prevailing global bylaw requires but will not hesitate to answer back to dub for war if neediness be.

He maintained that the humanity has evolved in 21 century with a novel of dispensed change in intercontinental law, relations and mediation and the assemblage is intensely exhausting all, noting that each and every one is to control self-evident to give good reason for any be active of war.

He claimed that come again? has just altered in the APC’s led dealing out is the renaming of the terrorist collection and conversion of strategy, noting that the Boko Haram militants are rebranded ‘bandits’, ‘herdsmen’, and ‘Kidnappers’ and. several others absorbed into military, Police, Immigration, Customs, Civil Defence Corps, Civilian JTF at the same time as others perform at the presidency, Judiciary, governing body and Executive.

He alleged that the far-reaching changes by FG were for the reason that the concentration of the intercontinental community, for the most part global Criminal quad beams on Nigeria, adding up that the terrorists are sponsored by wicked Fulani Politicians.

He discovered that largely atrocities in Nigeria allow uninterrupted for a enormously extended time as ancestors in a opinion to address up or act out ‘have intentionally and consciously decisive to be deaf and dumb’ and the unfortunate stacks on the streets are demise through barbarism and cannibalism daily.

Uche Mefor, however, revealed that Biafra is in existence and not the question of if the country will be, adding that is either the people join them to move it forward or exit out of it entirely said ‘Biafra Restoration is sacrosanctly and sanctimoniously an irreversible certainty’.

Uche Mefor, however, bare that Biafra is in reality and not the query of if the country will be, count that is moreover the live in stick together them to encourage it forwards or exit out of it wholeheartedly thought ‘Biafra re-establishment is sacrosanctly and pompously an irreparable certainty’.

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