We regret Russia took part in Biafra Genocide OF 1967-1970 – Russian President

President Putin having been touched by the despicable acts of inhumanity and injustice, exhibited some measure of remorsefulness over his country’s participation in the most cruel and annihilative war levied against innocent Biafran citizens.

Beneath is a lifted brief of that Abuja prepared document as contained in paragraph 4. It reads:

“Nigeria’s relations with Russia just like the rest of Africa, began during the Soviet era when diplomatic relations were first established in 1960. That relationship covered areas such as education, healthcare, solid minerals development and military assistance especially during the civil war”.

For all those who may not have understood the full import of what the Fulani cabals managing Nigeria meant when they said…..”military assistance especially during the Nigeria’s civil war”, it is important to take cognisance of the unfortunate genocide committed against Biafrans between 1967-1970.

The gory military aggression was euphemistically tagged “NIGERIA CIVIL WAR”, with over 3.5 million Biafran innocent civilians amongst whom were women, children and the elderly, got gruesomely massacred. The combined superior firepower of former President Putin of USSR, Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Britain, Egypt and other Arab countries, contended against the Biafra Defense Force which was led by late General Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu.

These Biafran soldiers sacrificially and stoutly defended Biafraland and the innocent Biafra civilian population against the combined allied forces.

It is important therefore, for the good people and government of civilised nations the world over, to bear witness to lies and deception of how the much talked about Biafran genocide committed by the Nigerian government backed foreign military allies with Britain and USSR on the lead, were punctured.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been globally vindicated. Now that the world leaders seem clearly enlightened that USSR which the Russian federation represents today, fully participated in the genocide through the mouth of the Nigerian President.

It is now time for relevant global communities with particular reference to the United Nations, European Union and Government of Nations, to place demand for an apology from the Russian government under President Putin, to the remnants of Biafra who suffered the loss of great number of their loved ones.

World leaders must have to hold the Russian government accountable for failing to show remorsefulness for their dastardly act of genocide against Biafrans instead of approving delivery of additional military hardware for the Nigerian government to carry on with their mayhem and criminality against the same people.

Biafrans’ ancestral lands are presently under military siege on the air, land and sea. For the interest of the ignorant, President Vladimir Putin hypocritically gave approval for delivery of more military aircraft to the Nigerian government represented in the infamous Summit. This goes further to embolden the Sudanese impostor to blatantly carry on with the killing of Biafrans from where their USSR fathers stopped in 1970.

The Russian government must duly tender an. apology to the people of Biafra over the genocide committed by their fathers during the USSR era. President Vladimir Putin however, acknowledged the gruesome massacre of Biafrans during the recently concluded Sochi Summit but that falls far beyond what is expected.

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