You Are Constructing Rail Way To Niger Republic While There Is None In Your Region- Wike Blast Amaechi .

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom WIKE has blasted the minister of transportation for not attracting any good thing to the region.

The governor while speaking in P.H the state capital wondered what Amaechi would be remembered for after his tenure as the minister of transportation.

According to him,

Since Amaechi took over as the minister of transportation, he has not attracted any single project to the Eastern region.

The already rail way line that link P.H to ENUGU is nothing to write home about yet Amaechi is proudly using the money gotten from our region to construct rail line to niger republic while we have nothing!.

The federal government is still owing my state over #78b over federal projects I did in my state but instead of Amaechi to look back home and at least construct a rail line that would link P.H to Calabar, UYO, Abia, ENUGU, ONITCHA, NNEWI, ASABA, bayelsa back to P.H, he is busy behaving like a child.

With a rail line, it will be easy for our people to go to ariaria, main market to buy their goods as easy as possible.

All the federal roads in South East and south south is nothing to write home about while he is a minister for 5 years now.

Tomorrow he will come to tell us how he love NIGER Delta and igbo Land!.

Shame to him!.

He stated.

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